Experience the Scent of Akhdar Mountains with Amouage

Amouage FateAmouage perfumes and colognes fuel their inspiration from the most unique of homes: the Middle East’s Oman. All the color and vibrancy of the rich landscape yields itself in the luxurious scents, lending a je-ne-sais-quoi quality to this international brand: a quality that sparks this marriage of innovation and tradition to pass along to a worldwide audience. Their scents hold a lingering, artistic aesthetic with ultimate prestige.

Arabian colognes and perfumes have long held the world spellbound; the French, the purveyors of the cologne and perfume industry, have ached for the Arabian scents with the understanding: theirs are the best in the world.

Even their name brings this driving blend so inventive in Amouage’s rich scents. Amouage is a merger of two words: the French word for love, “amour,” and the Arabic word for waves align evenly, passing ripples of energy and love.

Exclusive Ingredients and Perfected Craft

The company brings 120 natural ingredients into their fine, luxury fragrances. Their chief ingredient: silver frankincense. This is traditional with Arabic history. According to legend, great winged serpents guarded frankincense trees; after all, the resin from a tree was worth its weight in gold. In Biblical text, frankincense was traded most notably in Oman; the three wise men carried this aromatic resin directly from this great city to descend to the Christ child. These days, the task of stripping the resin from a frankincense tree contains not a single trace of modernity. A small group of tribal herders flock to the mountains in the south of Oman in order to harvest the resin by hand.

Amouage Dia promotional posterA further ingredient, the Omani Rock Rose, blooms for only a few weeks every year on the Jebel Al Akhdar Mountains. The extraction of the Omani Rock Rose is subtle: by hand. Because the scents are created often with these natural oils from the surrounding Oman landscapes, the layered cologne lingers on one’s skin, creating a lasting effect, a marriage of the intricate dessert environment.

The process of creating an Amouage fragrance begins, most incredibly, all the way north and west in London — one of the great fashion capitals of the world. Here, the company’s creative director, Christopher Chong, develops a preliminary brief: that is, a initial mixture of the fragrance.

Afterwards, this preliminary brief is passed delicately, across the English Channel to the thriving, fashion-forward Parisian centre. Paris holds the great perfume creators: the people who have honed and perfected the craft — and therefore, the only people Amouage would deign to work alongside. These “noses” in Paris test the perfume with long blotters: mouillettes. When drawn to noses, they allow perfumers to understand how best to align the composition of the product, how best to perfect it. Amouage CEO then samples the created fragrances from France, bringing his alliance to the fragrance that most matches the initial brief from London. This is truly a worldwide process: one involving many people’s olfactory senses.

After its French mixing, the fragrance finds its way to Oman. It is mixed with the precise alcohols and passes through maceration; this process takes approximately eight weeks. Afterwards, it is ready to bottle: however, unlike most fragrance manufacturers, this perfume is bottled without the utilization of mindless machines.

Each Amouage men’s perfume brings a personalized touch to the bottle. Either a traditional Omani knife or a Khanjar stops the top, yielding sheer elegance and lending that last bit of finery to the product. The knife imbibes a bit of danger: one’s fragrance application is serious, expensive. This is not a passing fancy.

The packager who personally brings life and beauty to the overall product eventually signs his or her name, lending an image of their complete care and aspiration for utter finery.

Amouage Fragrance Lines: Strictly for Royalties

Amouage is essential for royalty: just as the passing centuries brought western royalty’s olfactory sensations to the Middle East, looking for rare oils and layered sensations, today’s “royal” celebrities flock to Amouage. Several of the fragrance lines are stored in a crystal bottle with 18K gold plating — thus proclaiming a certain tier above the regular. Their attention to detail, their interior craftsmanship, and the utter discipline Amouage must maintain in order to withhold their high-orders of royalty and celebrities are undeniable.

amouage store in muscatAnd yet: their new products for men charge into the 21st century, bringing with them the past traditions aimed at a younger, more vibrant generation. Look to ‘Reflection Man’ fragrance. Amouage has stated this cologne endorses the power of the individual man. It promotes earnest and honest personal reflection: an understanding of one’s self and one’s desires.

The Reflection Man line also charges one with the idea: that Amouage, after years of understanding of its oils, must reflect upon itself and its brand. How will they charge forward with their luxurious shares and bring the fruits of their Oman landscape: from the Rock Roses to the Frankincense trees to newer and fresher generations? How will they continue to yield excitement in each product?

History states that they will persevere with their historical brand image: with their passion for their products and their layered, lively scents. Amouage is truly a world-class fragrance performer.