Share Your Love for Luxury with Tom Ford Fragrances

Tom FordOnce described as “Fashion’s boldest, most audacious success story ever,” American designer Tom Ford was born in 1962 in Austin, Texas. Having an interest in beauty and fashion from an early age, he touts his grandmother as his first muse, calling her “incredibly stylish” with her big hair and big cars.

As a teenager he made the move to New York City, studying architecture at Parson’s School of Design, and has been said to have also dabbled in acting. It was also during this time that Ford met his partner, style journalist Richard Buckley, with whom he is still in a relationship with today. At some point Ford realized he much preferred fashion to architecture or acting.

Sky-Rocketing Popularity

Tom Ford began working with other American designers, most notably designer Cathy Hardwick, until 1990, at age 29, he received his big break; he was asked to become the chief women’s designer at the major high-end design house, Gucci. With this, he was off to Europe. At the point that Tom Ford began at Gucci, it was a fledgling company by high-end fashion house standards known best for their archaic leather goods. Turning things around for the company and climbing the ranks rather quickly, Tom Ford was appointed as Creative Director of Yves Saint Laurent when Gucci bought a controlling stake in 1999.

With his first parley in the fragrance game, Ford created a bit of controversy with the advertising campaign for YSL’s M7 cologne, which featured a full frontal nude man. In response to the controversy that followed, Ford replied simply, “Perfume is worn on the skin, so why hide the body?”

With ten years spent at Gucci, Ford was able to propel the brand from the brink of bankruptcy into one of the most financially successful fashion brands in the business. It came as a shock to many in the fashion world when in 2004 Tom Ford left the high-end house, citing failed negotiations over his creative direction.

Tom Ford Private Blend CollectionThe break from Gucci wasn’t easy on Ford, neither professionally nor personally. By the end of his time with the fashion house he believed himself to be drinking too much, without much of a life, and, not very nice. Admitting that he planned on living out the rest of his days playing golf, Ford eventually, and for his loyal fans and clients, thankfully, got bored.

In 2005 Tom Ford returned to the United States and announced the launch of the Tom Ford Brand, and in 2006 he introduced Tom Ford Signature Fragrances. The men’s portfolio includes Tom Ford Extreme, Grey Vetiver, and his newest endeavour for men, Noir. All of Ford’s perfumes can be considered modern classics with seductive and intriguing qualities. The designer himself has said that he is inspired by the history of perfumery, when the most suburb ingredients were used to create timeless scents that had a lasting impact.

Tom Ford NoirTom Ford Noir

Noir has been called "Enigmatic, complex and surprising," with a spicy, full-bodied elegance. Ford has said that Noir is to date, his most satisfying foray into perfume thus far. Starting with a burst of citrus, but not that soapy lemon standard you are used to smelling. There is a touch of modern vintage vibe that really comes out in the drydown. Once it settles in you have a great leathery, vetivery, modern masculine fragrance that is here to stay and not fading into the background like many others.
Tom Ford Grey VetiverGrey Vetiver

The signature fragrance that encapsulates the essence of Tom’s Ford menswear philosophy. The exclusive vetiver signature scent is brilliantly showcased by amber wood and oakmoss creating a scent that is powerfully recognisable. Imagine yourself smelling a brand new item you just bought or entering your polished new car… this is exactly what get with Grey Vetiver fragrance. This goes beyond just smelling “shower fresh”, this smells brand new and hyper expensive.
Tom Ford For MenTom Ford for Men

Recommended for eveningwear, this sexy fragrance is perfect for the man who wants to get noticed. Straight yet high-class fragrance opens with a fresh honeyed citrus, followed by herbal bouquet of lavender, rosemary which dances nicely with ginger and settles on skin beautifully. There is nothing synthetic or obnoxious about this aroma. This fragrance is for a classy, well-groomed man that can wear the perfume up to its perfection. Yes, it is the wearer that makes the scent.

Tom Ford Fashion Line

In 2007 Tom Ford launched his much anticipated, luxury menswear line, which epitomized gentlemanly glamour and elegance, much like his men’s fragrances. A women’s line clearly followed shortly thereafter debuting at London’s fashion week. Since, Tom Ford has flourishingly opened over 100 Tom Ford Stores worldwide. Although it seems that Mr. Ford is poised for worldwide takeover, for now, he simply wants to create “beautiful, glamorous clothes.”

Being an obsessive personality, Ford found himself another creative outlet, this time in film-making. Writing the screenplay of the novel “A Single Man” and directing it for on screen awarded Ford not only positive reviews, but also an Oscar nod for one of the film’s stars.

It’s hard to imagine what the fragrance landscape might look like today if Tom Ford had followed his original path and become an architect. A truly visionary man, whatever the future holds for Tom Ford, it will be modern and elegant – just like his scents.